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SolidWorks Solutions

we provide industry leading support with Network Solution, Database Solution and IT services

Cutting Edge Integrated IT Solutions

By using technology of tomorrow, we match our clients with proven solutions that enable higher level of operational efficiency for our clients. Check our solutions for you.

Cloud Computing

Now better save, manage, organize and process data on a remote server with complete protection and security.


The IT Analytics analyze big data terabytes from your IT operations and turn them into relevant information.

Firewall & Security Solutions

Get protection against latest threats as Firewall delivers robust, manageable and affordable Internet Security Solutions.

Backup & Storage Solution

Backup and Storage is uniquely designed to transform backup, disaster recovery and archive full range of data sources.

CAD Solution

CAD Solutions enable firms to speed up product development and reduce any maintenance costs.

Networking Solution

Reliable, stable and flexible networking solutions help deliver robust information for any business.


At SEPL, we value our diverse customers and focus on serving them better with the help of our experienced team and using years of experience. We aim to utilize our diverse expertise to help our customers re-engineer and re-invent their businesses in order to compete successfully in an ever-changing market-place.


Rooted firmly in a thoroughly professional, systematic approach to doing business, we continuously strive to provide the best management techniques, products and services that satisfy our clients and enhance our ROI at the same time. Our philosophy is to provide cutting edge technology to our clients and enhance their business agility.


Our mission is to provide our clients with the best, the most reliable means of harnessing IT technology for their own success in their business and other projects. Our next step forward is to go national, and we have faith that with our commitment, expertise, and our client’s continuing support, we will tread the road to success.

Range of Products

Our cutting edge products provide end to end IT solutions, enabling you to run businesses and projects smoothly and conveniently.

Why are we – The Best

  • Recognized for its exceptional client servicing and technical assistance capabilities, with impeccable service delivery of all kinds of IT Solutions.

  • SEPL’s strategic alliance with all major IT giants and their comprehensive range of IT, Networking, System Integration, ERP software Services and Security solutions enable its customers to cross new thresholds of business performance.

  • Competitive sales team with strong domain expertise to leverage technology in providing innovative and measurable solutions.

  • Unmatched business value to customers through a combination of product and service excellence with stronghold on emerging technologies and wide industry knowledge.

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Our recently completed projects justify our claim to be the best providers of IT solutions.

Indian Railways

Government of Rajasthan

IT Department, GOR

Government of Rajasthan – Information Kiosks