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Company Overview

Surbhi Electronet Private Limited established in the year 2004 is a now Leading IT Solution provider, delivering unmatched business value to customers through a combination of product and service excellence.

SEPL is diversified group with expertise in Networking Solutions, Security systems, Communication Gateways, Cloud Computing Software, Storage systems as well as all types of Computer Hardware. We offer the services like Student Web Portal for Education Institute, Data Centre Services, Server Management, Asset Management, and Computer Suppliers in all over Rajasthan.

We serve customers from MNCs, Govt. Sectors, Public Undertakings, Corporate Houses, Educational Institutes and Residences to upgrade their infrastructure and make it more efficient for the employees. Our services are in compliance with latest technological advancements in the industry.

SEPL has a wide range of major brands in its bouquet of products, IT and ITeS. We market these products all over Rajasthan, through a network of sales and service team. Our professionalism, our systematic methodology to our business, our core technical competencies, and our dedication to our clients, all combine to ensure that we are uniquely positioned to provide the perfect solution to our clients – all the time, every time.

Chairman's Message

Chairman's Name

Surbhi Electronet Private Limited (SEPL) is an IT based company. It is professionally managed, vibrant & dynamic company engaged in marketing & servicing activities with sales & service networks at major locations across RAJASTHAN.

Our Vision

SEPL has a holistic vision of business, both internal and external. Rooted firmly in a thoroughly professional, systematic approach to doing business, we do our best to grow ourselves as a business entity with a wholesome appetite for enhancing our values, not by cutting corners, but by implementing best management techniques. We are in this business for the long haul. We prefer organic development to opportunistic development. Hence we ensure that our internal base is sound and strong enough to power us to victory and success.

Externally, we implement a sound business strategy that is client-oriented. We know that our best brand ambassadors are our clients – the goodwill generated for us by our satisfied clients is immeasurable and invaluable.

Our reputation is our greatest operational asset! A big “Thank you!” to all our clients for spreading the good word about us, for giving us repeat orders, and for recommending us to others.

Our Mission

IT is no longer the domain of big businesses and research institutions. IT has pervaded all areas of human activity. Villagers use IT-enabled services to connect with the world, farmers get the latest market prices from IT kiosks, and governmental agencies use an IT-driven network to provide assistance and information to its citizens as an important part of its good governance campaign. We at SEPL are very much part of the IT industry and it is our mission to empower each and every citizen of this great state and nation with the very best technological products and services, at the most economical price points. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best, the most reliable, and the most efficient ways and means of harnessing IT technology. Today, we can proudly say that we are the premier IT solution provider in Rajasthan. Our next step forward is to go national, and we have faith that, with our commitment, our expertise, our vision, and our client’s continuing support, we shall attain that milestone very soon.