Area of expertise

  • To effectively establish the presence of a personality/organization on online platform by increasing the ease and visibility of the social media handles to the masses.
  • To meet the expectation of the population by consistent information about the Personality/Organization and their activities.
  • To increase the affinity or likeness among the masses by stating schemes/offers/social work, etc on a regular basis.
  • To have an elaborate knowledge about the audience we have.
  • To effectively monitor the brand infrastructure and create a brand affinity.

We are partners with one of the most distinct and fastest growing ad agency in North India. We like building powerful ideas that engage many not few. Using laser-like analysis of the core problem and brilliant insight into contemporary culture, we create enduring ideas that change behavior online and offline.

  • Advertising
  • Activation
  • Design
  • Digital
  • Brand Consulting
  • Media Planning
  • Campaign Management and executions

Social Media Marketing & Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management includes overhaul of all the social media coverage that is present on the internet. The content of the brand’s media portals should be engaging, should enhance the awareness among masses and highlight the work that it is doing and should address people’s concerns if any.

What is in it for YOU – the Benefits

Social media plays a significant role in today’s time and is one of the most powerful medium to connect with individuals. Be it a celebrity, a politician, a brand or an organization, social media has become an indispensable tool to establish one’s presence across borders. The benefits of social media for an individual or an organization are many:

  • People should know what the organization/famous personality is doing for the society as a whole.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the sole way to connect with today’s youth. Be it posts about recent events ongoing developments, social media is the best platform to enhance your reach in India as well as across the world.
  • One can effectively put across their thoughts and opinions on national and international issues to the interested individuals in a short span of time through photos and videos.
  • We can create campaigns, boost posts, etc to promote the brand and its work and policies through adverts and generate maximum likes/followers on Facebook and Twitter.
  • The activities and events the brand becomes a part of, can be shown live to the followers through Facebook Live. We can also organize interactive sessions with one’s fans/admirers through the same tool.
  • We can create creative presentations and depictions through Facebook Canvas to attract more people to your profile hence leading to like and follower generation.
  • We need to strengthen your social media presence majorly on three portals namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Each portal has a distinct manner to connect with the users.